10 thoughts to “A Day In The Life At Rhode Island’s Nudist Camp”

  1. I am interested in visiting your campground. I just a few questions not addressed in the FAQ section.

    If I come for a day trip, what is the earliest I am able to arrive?
    If I come for a day trip, what time do I have to leave at the “end of the day”?
    As an individual, am I able to rent a cabin, or campsite for a night or two, as long as I meet the minimum requirement?



    1. The gate opens at 10am. If you would like to arrive earlier, please call ahead to see if we can make arrangements.

      Day guests normally leave by sundown, unless invited to a member’s site, like for a campfire. If you do end up staying the night, just be sure someone in management knows. It is fine to extend your stay, but additional charges may apply if it extends into the next day.

      Anyone can rent anything.

  2. I visited this camp ground as a personal quest. I’ve spent my entire life with body image issues. As a guy, I never even take my shirt off at the beach.
    I decided once and for all to get over myself. I came alone and I’ll admit I was extremely uncomfortable not knowing anyone. But by the time I walked the trails I was at least not screaming in my head about being naked anymore. I can’t say I resolved my personal issues but I made huge steps toward getting there.
    The people in the office were extremely kind and comfortable to be around. Were they all named Bob? Or something like that? Lol 🙂 Thank you all for everything. I would like to visit again next year.

    1. We allow everyone. We have had several disabled guests. If you have any particular needs or concerns, please call.

    1. We have many gay and trans members and visitors who always feel welcome in our community. Our prices consider any two people a couple, regardless of gender.

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